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Val Alino

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I have had a life filled with very challenging life lessons, these lessons, have made me the person and the coach I am today, one that allows me to truly connect with the heart and story of each of my clients.

I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I'm also a NLP Practitioner certified by Richard Bandler.

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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

Val, the Montessori educator

When I was 3 years old I knew I wanted to be a teacher, run my school, and dedicate my life to education which is exactly what I have done all my life. I feel blessed that with time not only did I stick to my passion, but it grew stronger as I grew older.

In this journey of life I was able to have intensive international studies in Mexico, Italy, and Spain in addition to training in Atlanta culminating with an Assistants to Infancy (Atlanta) and a Primary Guide (Italy) from the Association Montessori Internationale certifications. Most recently, I continued my studies and finished my Conscious Parenting Coaching with Dr. Shefali.


I’ve been in education for 29 years, during these years, I have had the gift of working and experiencing all positions within a school, including having directed my own Montessori School in Atlanta for over 8 years. I also helped coordinate for 4 years the AMI National Conferences next to the Executive Director of AMI (Association Montessori International), Virginia Mc Hugh Goodwin and had the privilege of attending with her, the 100 year Anniversary event of Maria Montessori in Rome, Italy. In addition to this, I served as part  of the board of the Montessori Administrators of Georgia for 4 years and was part of the team that helped organized the first ever Assistant to Infancy Training in Atlanta.

I am currently the Educational Director of Decatur Montessori School in Atlanta. I give parenting private coaching, motivational talks for parents and teachers, school consultations, and coach parents how to set up home environments for their children. I absolutely love the work I do and feel so grateful to help so many people each day to connect with themselves an as a consequence connect with their children.

Val, the volunteer

I have found so much healing and happiness doing volunteer work since I was very young. My life has always been around service work. I have learned the most beautiful life lessons while serving. You always give from a place of love without expecting anything in return; however, I always receive so many blessings and experience beautiful moments that will remain in my heart until the end of time.

My service life has provided me with experience in guiding, helping, listening and problem solving in all the situations that come my way. Most of my volunteer work has been around medical fragile children. For almost 3 years I was the fundraiser coordinator for Sunshine on a Ranney, we helped families have a dream room makeover so that the children in need could have a beautiful space that could fit their needs. I also helped them coordinate volunteers and created a support system for the families after they have been granted a makeover. For 4 years I volunteered also at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hospital, being a liaison for the Hispanic community and helped in all their major events of the hospital. I act upon any service work that comes my way, I flew to Mexico for the earthquake of 2017 and with the help of many donations we were able to rebuild homes for those that had lost it all. My last big project was that I adopted a beautiful school for the poorest of the poor in Agra, India, also with the help of many hearts united, in 3 different trips that I have made there, we have helped transformed the school and the lives of these beautiful children. One of the service projects I enjoy the most is helping Navidando, organized by Telemundo Atlanta, we help bring joy and Christmas to those families that are going through so much hardship. My service life is in my DNA and I could not picture my life without it.

The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others.

-Mahatma Gandhi





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