Val, the Conscious Parenting coach

Conscious Parenting is about the parents evolving to their highest state of consciousness in every moment of their life. Our children show us a mirror to our undeveloped self and are here to be our teachers.

We need to remember that we are not raising a mini version of ourselves but a spirit thriving with its own signature. It is not about fixing the child it is about creating the conditions for them to rise. We tend to project our own ideas and expectations to our children instead of meeting the individual needs of our children even when we have the best intentions. CP breaks patterns that we have been passing on through generations, it actually helps you look within you and question your belief systems and helps you break free form anything that does not resonate with you and is not in line with the parent you want to be. CP is not hierarchical, where the parent is at the top of the ladder and the child is lesser than. It is about respecting the child and honoring who he/she is in every stage of development without imposing our belief system over them. If we raise children to be submissive and compliant how could we expect our children to grow into adults who think for themselves, make choices and be are responsible for their actions? Punishment and rewards, will for sure get the results you want and right away, however, those are extrinsic motivators. Conscious Parenting will show you ways, to connect with your child versus controlling them so that they are internally motivated to make decisions and by doing so, when they are older, they will make decisions for their highest good without expecting anything in return. Unconditional love is the answer to Conscious parenting, where you put all your fears, expectations, labels, wishes aside and truly honor and respect your child for who he/she is. This parenting experience isn’t one of parent versus child but of parent with the child.

Remember that our children grow up fast, so take action now. CP, will no only help you be a better parent, connect with your children, build a deep relationship with them but also will hep you live a happier, peaceful life in connection with you and those around you.

I look forward to holding your hand and guiding you in your parenting journey so that you can build long lasting relationships with your children and enjoy your parenting experience to the maximum. 

The only parenting  that needs to happen is within yourself. If you role model with actions, love and respect what you want to see in your children, they will follow your footsteps.

-Val Alino

As a certified Conscious Parenting Coach I can help you:

  • Parent with unconditional love, no attachment or expectations.

  • Be the best version of yourself living in peace and harmony with those around you.

  • Learn how to break free form patterns and legacies that you inherited from your parents and ancestors.

  • Clear your unhealed wounds and parent form a place of peace.

  • Discover your own truth and learn how to allow your child to be his/her true self.

  • To stop living out of prescriptive checklists.

  • Get rid of punishments and rewards.

  • How to help your child through tantrums and expressing emotions.

  • End battles, yelling and have a long lasting relationship with your children.

  • Find out ways to connect with your children instead of controlling.

  • Understand teens and how to build a relationship with them.

  • Become a parent that is present.

  • How to use Montessori principals that are inline with conscious teaching and parenting and more.

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