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Marketing from the Heart

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This dynamic duo will teach you everything you need to know to create meaningful connections on camera for your customers.


Val Alino

Val Alino will teach you proven techniques to connect with audiences that include meditation, breathing exercises, and Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) strategies. After the workshop you will be able to deliver messages that create relevant, meaningful connections with audiences that build brand awareness and preference.

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Margarita Eberline

Learn how to create content that is strategic and optimized for marketing platforms like Tik Tok, instagram, reels, youtube and your website. Marketing veteran Margarita Eberline will show you how to research trending topics and provide you with an overview of how to leverage platform features and best practices too.

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Free 30 minute Discovery call.

Once that you have done a discovery call and you are ready to begin working together, please schedule your coaching appointment.

For speaking engagement opportunities please use the following link to schedule a time to talk.

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