Val, the Motivational Speaker

Another passion of mine is being able to have the opportunity to motivate, help and inspire people through motivational and educational talks. I have worked with large non profits, companies, schools, conferences, forums, radio and tv stations spreading a message of transformation and giving tools for people to accomplish their dreams.

I am a very passionate speaker and share my heart, knowledge and experience in every speech I deliver. Connecting with people and empowering them is one of the things I like to do the most. I enjoy so much getting the group involved and adapting my talk to the energy and feel of the room and the participants.

I cater my talks to the needs of your organization and help you accomplish any goal you want to reach.

You're one click away from transforming your life and the life of your children!

Some of the lectures I have delivered:


Area of Education:

  • Why Montessori for your child?

  • The wonderful two’s

  • The child, the father of man

  • Connect versus control

  • Why punishment and rewards do not work.

  • Conscious Parenting

  • Conscious teaching, a teaching from the heart.

  • Allow the child to be

Area of Life Coaching:

  • Connecting with the Leader within you

  • Free yourself form anything that is holding you back

  • Love is the answer to everything, start by loving yourself

  • Finding your purpose

  • Selfcare

  • The magic of giving back

I look forward for the opportunity to help your organization by motivating, transforming and inspiring your community and in doing so, they will be a better version of themselves, be happier and inspired.