When You Are Feeling Blue

We all have those days, when you simply can’t wake up, your energy is low, you feel sad and things just don’t seem to flow easy. You are simply feeling “blue”.

We all handle these days differently. Some may want to go on a strike for a day, curl up in bed and only get up to eat and go to the bathroom. Some may have the need to write in a journal how they are feeling and others may call a friend to just vent away. Sometimes, you want to distract your mind. Watch movies and documentaries all day. Go sit at a park. Meditate. Spend hours at the spa. There is no right or wrong in how we react to these “blue” days. What it is important is that we give ourselves permission to listen to our bodies and souls so we can recharge, and if possible, find out why we are feeling blue.

Here are a couple of things I suggest you do should a blue day arise:

1) Breath a couple of times, close your eyes, and scan your body to identify what is going on. Sometimes it’s clear why you are feeling blue (if for example you had a fight with your loved one). I still recommend that you “scan” your body to identify internally how you are feeling, if any part of your body hurts, what thoughts are going through your mind, etc.

2) Feel present, If you are replaying a particular situation in your thoughts, you are not being present. Instead embrace exactly how you are feeling that morning in every level – emotional, physically and spiritually.

3) Be grateful, and say thank you for another day, regardless of what kind of day you decide its going to be.

4) Stretch, give your body a nice stretch.

5) Get up, see if the results of your “scan” match how you are actually feeling once you make that first morning step.

If your mood may affect the environment or those you live with, it’s ok to say to your family, “mommy needs a “me” day and I would appreciate everyone’s cooperation”. Depending on your situation, you may need to call upon a dear friend to help or you may need to take a half day off instead of a full day.

Only you will decide how you will spend your day, how you will feel better, how you will solve the particular situation and how you will heal.

Remember to take care of yourself. If for any reason the situation is too much for you to handle reach out to someone who can help you, hear you, guide and support you.

On a positive side, I can guarantee you that the more you get to know yourself and the more you are in tune with your body and soul, those blue days will be fewer and fewer. Should one arise, you will no longer need anyone to support you and you will get out of it faster.

To avoid blue days, make sure you balance each day to have time for yourself. Even if it is reading something you like for 30 minutes, going to the gym for a quick run, meditating for 15 minutes. Get to know and love yourself so that the opinions of others, do not affect you. Remember that you are in control of how you feel and how you decide to react to a situation.