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We have trained teams in different companies, multiples entrepreneurship and educational organizations around the world and have been a consultant for Winwork Consultores in South America, Symbiosis group in Cuzco,  Celem in Lima and Higher Ground Education in the USA We have trained teams in different parts of the world such as UPS-colombia, Florence Health Care Atlanta, Hayduk-Peru, Gallagher, Ransa Peru, the Government of Pisco-Peru, Government Ancash Peru, Ministry of Education Peru and is speaker in educational congresses for more than 14 universities in south America and USA.

Val is a powerful team coach and motivational Speaker in the area of conscious leadership, soft skills, emotional intelligence and effective communication.


Through mindfulness, meditation, spiritual intelligence, effective communication, and emotional management, I have enabled individuals and teams to increase their confidence, self-esteem, develop their strengths, and connect with their higher self. Empowering everyone to achieve their goals by connecting with the mission and vision of their companies and the purpose of their lives as conscious leaders.

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Through emotional management and self-help tools, I am able to manage and connect people with their positive emotions. This allows the expression and management of attitudes that contribute to the development of being conscious and the healing work necessary to connect with themselves, with their colleagues and their purpose. I teach in a simple way how to work under pressure to manage stress and anxiety and train people to face challenges as a team with a positive and proactive attitude.


Active listening, Neuro Linguistic Programming, positive language, assertive emotional expression and connection vs control is the set of tools that val uses to make communication flow between human beings and teamwork to develop in a powerful way to achieve the results in the companies, organizations and families with which you have worked.

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