Val Alino is a sought after International Motivational Keynote speaker. She works with organizations and corporations who want to become more conscious leaders. 

She has empowered thousands of teachers, parents and children to heal, evolve, grow, transform and unlock their full potential. As an expert in Conscious Parenting Method, Val has been able to inspire and transform the relationship of adults with children in many parts of the world.

Val Alino is a Conscious Parenting Coach, certified by Dr. Shefali, and a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, certified by Richard Bandler (father of Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Val is also a passionate leader in education. She holds 2 Montessori certifications, by the Association Montessori International, in Italy and the USA. She led and owned her own Montessori school in Atlanta and was recruited as an international consultant with Higher Ground Education, an organization dedicated to mainstreaming and modernizing Montessori education.


She has participated in congresses and coaching forums in Dubai, Singapore, USA, Peru, Mexico, Africa and Europe and has been a speaker and Master of Ceremonies of “World Speech Day” for more than 103 countries around the world. She has taught conferences to more than 15 universities in the USA and Latin America.

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