Dr. Shefali

Valerie- BRAVO! You are an active listener and have a HUGE, empathic heart and many excellent coaching skills. Great use of CPMTM techniques that helped bring your client to the present moment and inner stillness. You show so much compassion for your client and that led you to see how self care plays an important role in your own life and that of your clients life. You demonstrated excellent mastery of techniques such as mirroring and reframing for you client. I appreciate and applaud your use of assigning homework for your client AND more importantly, you followed up with your client and held her accountable in a compassionate and non- judgemental way. Your confidence and open heart will lead you anywhere you choose to go, Valerie! Brilliant work! Your passion for this work is so evident - and so clear. Thank you for your commitment to being an ambassador of this message. 

Sean Griffith

Val is a Super Hero!! She has helped me some much to connect with my inner self and get away from what society has told me to do.  What makes her special is her heart.  She puts people first and try’s to help people figure out how to make them special and get them back to their authentic self. What changed my life was to make a commitment to take specific action. Through Val’s coaching I am showing myself that I can improve and be a better person, and parent. She cares about my goals and that makes me care about wanting to improve myself...She’s the one!! Thank you Val and keep on impacting people’s lives.

Parvin Heidari

I am writing to let you know Val, that I am really impressed with your kindness, gratitude and hard work!! You are an inspiration to me and you are without a doubt, the greatest person I have ever known.

It has been over 20 years when I got to know you closely, Val are an angel for me!! With any passing day my respect to you is growing higher and higher! You have been super hero to me and I cannot think what my life would have been without your guidance, love, care and teaching in the particular time of my life where I have been suffering a lot Val. You have a wealth of knowledge  and seem to have answers to all the questions. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the small and big things that you have done in past for me and help me , where I stand today!!

Val, it has been a great privilege to be under your shadow, guidance, love and care. I am so blessed having you in part of my life! Love you Val.

Bob Lancer

Val is the real deal! Her understanding of personal development, as it applies to both children and adults, is unsurpassed.  She speaks, trains and coaches with passion and with the precision of someone who knows how to lead to the next higher level.  Her integrity, her talent, her command of communication and her genius makes her's an invaluable contribution to any organization.

Larry B

Think of all the self-help books you’ve read. Valerie is the human embodiment of those, and more.

Positivity, mindfulness, and dedication are her tools to help you find yourself. I look forward to her continuing guidance in my journey towards a better me.

Anne Sorenson

Over the past 20 years I have witnessed Val empower children and parents to live joyful and peaceful lives. Her passion for helping families is evident in her inspirational lessons and talks. Her thoughtful coaching helps parents and teachers guide their children with integrity, purpose and intention. Val is a gift to our school and to the families who work with her. I highly recommend Val as an educator and parenting coach.

Elizabeth Conrado

My name is Elizabeth Conrado and I have known Val Alino for 20 years,  during this time, I have thanked God for having her in my life. She is my role model, has a huge heart and for that reason, she is always willing to lend a hand to anyone that needs help. She transmits peace, tranquility, trust and is capable of fixing any problem that comes my way. She has coached me, my family and all our staff, parents and children as the Director of Decatur Montessori School. She is always on time and goes after her dreams no matter any obstacle in the way and this is so inspiring. Everything she learns and knows, she always shares it with all the people she encounters and I love this of her since many people don’t share their gifts and knowledge. Val always has a positive outlook in life and has the perfect words to lift you up.


As my boss, she is the most understanding, kind and very profesional. One of the things I also like about her, is that she is so loving to everyone, it does not matter who they are, where they come from.  She is perseverant, optimistic, dedicated and is the best mother in the world and loves all children in general. There is so much I could continue to say about Val but in short, she is a role model to follow.

Iffat Sharieff

My name is Iffat Sharieff and I am a teacher at Decatur Montessori School. I have known Valerie Alino since she hired me in December 2008 for her school, DMS. So, I have known Val for a little over 10 years now.

When I first began working at DMS, Val has been a true rock for me. She encouraged me to find my strengths, talents and capabilities and channel them towards the right direction. She also guided me to overcome my shortcomings and weaknesses.

Val and I have shared many conversations, discussed work related challenges and faced many situations together. She has been a great support in my classroom situations and in working with parents and families. She has always made herself available whenever I need guidance. She would leave her own work and is always ready to help, not just me but anyone who needs it.

Val has been a great motivator and an inspiration in my life, not to mention an amazing role model. I can never thank her enough for her generosity, kindness, dedication, patience, insightfulness and love.   

Thank you Val for all that you have done and still do for me!

David A. Neves Duncan

In August of 2003 our family was looking for a growing environment for our two-year old son. We found Decatur Montessori and Val. Our sons have maintained a 16-year friendship that is remarkable. They are both thoughtful and brilliant young men. And the fact that their names are Leif and Arik is no coincidence - soul mates.  Under Val's leadership our son received a firm foundation in learning and understanding himself. 
But what Val did for me personally was help understand and integrate Madam Montessori’s philosophy into what I love to do most - coach soccer.  Val's deep understanding of how children learn and how parents can facilitate helped me put together my DPS Academy Summer Soccer Camps.
As Val moved into her calling, helping and guiding parents with children in need, she has continued to deliver joy and calm in times of deep pain.
Now as a life and parent coach, I can only say, "Well Done Val!" If you are thinking of working with Val, don't hesitate. You have more than 28 years of true practitioner guidance - theory, experiment, experience. Your journey with Val will be life-changing, I promise.